Tuesday, March 11, 2014

CONFIRMATION: The Bible Reading Plan!!

“Biblical literacy is neither a current reality nor a goal in the U.S.” (The Barna Group)

What most Christians believe about the Bible and their faith is completely misguided.  The problem stems from
  1. Not really knowing what the Bible says.  Christians are creating their own version of Christianity based on what they want to believe is true as opposed to what the Bible teaches.  Barna’s research suggests that this practice takes effect in the early teenage years and that by the time most kids reach the age of 14 they think they know everything about the Bible and don’t need it anymore.  
  2. Reading out of context.  One of the things missing from confirmation education is the expectation to read the Bible in more than short sections or specifically chosen verses.  Barna says, “Bible reading has become the religious equivalent of sound-bite journalism.”  If it fits on a coffee cup and they agree with it then they accept it. As a result of this practice students go through confirmation without understanding the fundamental themes and have little interest in deepening their knowledge of the Bible or its author. 
To answer these problems I have created a BIBLE READING PLAN with age appropriate reading guides but unfortunately I can't give it away.  (You can purchase it here.)

The goal of the middle school Bible reading plan for the Old Testament is to give the kids an overall picture of the story of God’s Old Testament people.  (Middle School Old Testament Sample)

The goal of the high school Bible reading plan is to get the kids thinking about what they've read now that they are familiar with the story of God’s Old Testament people.  (High School Old Testament Sample.)

Don't worry, the New Testament is in development right now!  

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