Wednesday, March 19, 2014

LEADERSHIP: H.S. Youth, Loneliness and Social Media

Do you sleep with your phone? Your kids do!

I just watched an amazing TED Talk about our dependency on our connection to social media and how it's changing our psyche. It's about substituting a connection for a conversation. Later I saw this video created by a group called Mobiledia which condenses it. The 4 minute video is impactful but the 20 minute TED Talk is what it's really about because it explains in greater detail and gives suggestions about how to change things to make lives or life more meaningful through personal connection. How will this affect our and our children's relationship to God and/or our need for Him?

You will be blown away and immediately know that the one thing we need to do in congregations everywhere is get people into face-to-face conversations to develop trust and intimacy with each other. We need to provide them with opportunities to be alone with God. The problem isn't the existence of technology or social media. The problem is our obsession with it and substituting it for real connection through face-to-face conversation. "Technology appeals to us most where we are most vulnerable. We're lonely but afraid of intimacy. It gives us the illusion of companionship without the demands of friendship."

This video (below) is called The Innovation of Loneliness and is the condensed version of the above TED Talk.

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