Monday, June 17, 2013

SUMMER: Neighborhood Fun Night!

You may have noticed that my last few summer posts have not been about planning and organizing huge events but about pulling back and relaxing. I'm quite convinced that, as a church, in some ways, we try too hard and trust too little. Since summer is a time for slowing down and forcing things never really works anyway, why not relax a little bit and stop trying so hard to push Christ into people's lives and just invite them to join in a neighborhood fun night. No in-depth study, no sermons, no pushy questions, just hanging out, playing some yard games, and having some face-to-face conversations. Don't push... plant... and trust that the Spirit will move in their hearts in God's time.

Among the many you already know about, here are a few great yard games:

  • Big Birdie Golf - This looks SO fun!!
  • Yard Twister - A fun twist to the indoor game.
  • Mini Disc Golf - Inexpensive but challenging.
  • Hide some "treasure" in the yard for a treasure hunt.
  • Frisbee Tic-Tac-Toe - Section a shower curtain and pin it to the ground.
  • Basket Frisbee Golf - Cute idea but needs a bunch of laundry baskets.
  • Croquet, Horse Shoes & Bean Bags - Oldies but goodies.
  • Water Balloon Toss - Sometimes it's fun with partners, tossing and catching them with towels.

Don't forget to make some really crazy medals just for fun!
(you can make them out of small paper plates and markers or jewel them up a bit)

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