Friday, June 14, 2013

LEADERSHIP: Purpose = Practice

As I was taking my daily walk today (and a beautiful breezy day it is!), I walked past at least 3 churches with VBS signs out and it made me want to ask them... why do you do Vacation Bible School? Some are a few days in the morning, some a few evenings, and a few have VBS on a weekend or Saturday and Sunday morning. I kept walking and thinking of all the different reasons, wondering when the last time was that anybody asked that question in each of those churches. People should know why they're doing something... and then determine if their practice is actually following their purpose. When was the last time you asked...

  • Why do we do VBS? Does what we do support that reason?
  • Why do we have a youth group? Does what we do with the youth support that reason?
  • Why do we have contemporary/traditional worship? 
  • Why do we have a board of directors? Do they do what supports that reason?
  • Why do we do it that way?
  • Why...?

And if there aren't many things to ask why about, take a moment to ask... why don't we? What is the purpose of each ministry in your church and does your practice equal your purpose? If you're doing something without a reason, maybe you should think twice about it. If you're not doing something, maybe you should think about that too.

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