Sunday, March 4, 2018

SERVICE: Homeless Bags

When I pass somebody standing on the corner asking for help I feel terrible. I want to help and have done so before, but am always cautious of handing out cash. I heard that some people create "blessing bags" or backpacks for the homeless and I've seen the lists of what people put in them. They give about 20 things like cans of tuna, a few crackers, mouth wash, lotion, and bottles of water. Those seem to be a little much for me. Somebody also told me their child created bags to donate as a service project and some people carry them in their car to hand out to those they meet on the corner holding up signs. I LOVE that idea. I always want to help, but I don't want to give cash or, on the other hand, spend a lot of time packing up and giving them a bunch of things they may not want. When I pass someone standing on the corner I simply want to hand it out the window.

Here's what I am putting in my quart size ziplock bag:

  • $5 McDonalds gift certificate (there's a McDonalds in every town)
  • small comb
  • 1 pr socks (I can't imagine no socks or cold, wet feet)
  • travel toothbrush and paste 
  • card with an encouraging Bible verse and my church info on it
That's it! Why not all the other stuff? Because I think there's a difference between donating something to a shelter and handing it out to someone standing on the corner. There are a million lists of things online that you can use if you're donating bags to a shelter and, if you need a service project, by all means that's a good one. But if you just want something to have in your car that will provide a meal, warm, dry feet, and a bit of encouragement from our Lord, then this is a way to do it. 

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