Wednesday, June 25, 2014

H.S. YOUTH: Amazing Text Race

Somebody recently asked for scavenger hunt ideas and it reminded me of the time I had kids participate in The Amazing Text Race.

The kids get their first clue at church and it's a riddle so they have to figure it out before they can start and after that everything is done by text. They had a riddle to get to their destination and when they figured that out I replied with the task they were to complete there. They then had to either text back an answer to a question about the place or a photo of something specific. When I got the right answer I texted their next clue and they were off. Here are a few of the things they were required to do:

  • Take a photo of a cross on another church in town.
  • Write a Bible verse on a public sidewalk outside a mall.
  • Text back the quote on a specific church's sign. 
  • Ask a stranger in a local park what s/he knows or believes about the Bible, Jesus, etc.
  • Perform a specific random act of kindness.
  • Find a quote in a C.S. Lewis book on a specific page. 
  • Perform a mini flash mob singing a hymn or other church related song.
  • Visit a youth group parent and find out his/her baptismal date.
  • The final clue to get them back to church was take a picture with the pastor.

Some of these are general because every town is different and obviously some tasks had to be set up ahead of time. If you're doing it at night you might want a final clue that brings them back to church and not to the pastor's house. There are tons of other clue ideas that depend on your location.

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