Sunday, February 2, 2014

WORSHIP: Pre-Service Slideshow Announcements

I had to be at church early today and as I was waiting for the prelude to begin I noticed that they had a slide show going of announcements similar to those in a movie theater before the previews begin. What a good idea! They were simple announcements about times and places of things going on throughout the week and where regular Bible studies were held during the education hour. Here are some ideas of the kinds of slides that might be shown for your congregation:
  • Where Sunday school children should meet for opening and adults should meet for different Bible studies.
  • Bible studies that are held throughout the week.
  • Important board of directors information.
  • Ministry opportunities (women's, men's, youth).
  • Special upcoming services.
  • Upcoming sermon themes.
  • Fundraising events.
  • Service opportunities.
You don't need to put the entire bulletin in slides because that would be too many but highlight a few important announcements of things coming up. I suggest doing 6 to 10 slides that rotate so there aren't so many that people only see them once. It might turn out to be a very helpful way for visitors to know where Sunday school and Bible studies meet and that they're welcome to join.

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