Sunday, February 16, 2014

EASTER: Easter Breakfast/Egg Hunt Balloon Wreath

I saw this plastic egg wreath on Pinterest and, while it's very adorable, at first I thought it was made of balloons. Then I thought about what a great idea that would be for an Easter Breakfast or an Easter egg hunt. There are so many things you can do with it:
  • Put candy inside each balloon and let the little ones each pop their balloon for a treat. 
  • Put clues inside so the kids have to find a treat. Let each color be for a different grade level so the older kids have more difficult clues.
  • Put appropriate Bible verses inside and have the kids get together to read them to those having breakfast.
  • Make it into a game where kids have to put all the clues together to solve a bigger Bible puzzle. They can work in color groups and the first group to come up with the whole Bible verse or answer the question asked by the clues wins a prize. (Everyone can win as they finish but the first group get the biggest prize.)
  • Have a few super prizes in the balloons (coupons) for kids to win a Bible or Christian music CD of some kind.
I'm sure you can do some of those things with the plastic easter eggs as well but in order to get them into the cute wreath you'd have to glue them together and balloons are so much fun for kids to pop!

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