Sunday, September 15, 2013

ADVENT: Follow that Star!

German Christmas Stars of Folded Paper - LoveToKnow: Advice you
German Paper Christmas Stars
I've always wanted to spend an Advent focused on the star and the journey of the Magi. We don't talk much about them but really they are pretty cool guys. First, they were studying for years about this phenomena and all they could do was wait. Second, they had to have faith to even consider a journey the breadth of which they were going to undertake, and third, once they were there looking at the holy child, they knew the world had changed. They knew and returned home a different way. They knew. What a life changing journey because of their interest in the stars.

Why not break the 3 Wednesdays of Advent into 3 nights of stars and The Journey of the Magi.

It doesn't have to be a big deal but you could include a time of Prayer and Prepare, make and take a star ornament, and then supper and worship. There are a variety of ways this can be done:

  • Include it or a variation of it in your midweek program.
  • Add it to your Advent supper by having it start a little early so people can participate.
  • Start a new tradition for Advent!

I considered breaking down the story or idea into these themes:  
  • Preparing for the Star - The Magi studied and prepared before they started their journey. Are we wrapped up in the glitz and glamour of the season or are we preparing?
  • Faith in the Promise of the Star - Anticipation and building excitement. Do we trust in the promise outside of the feelings of excitement?
  • Journey to the Star - We all are on a journey to the star. We prepare, we trust, and we go. Are we going?
You might even want to take it all the way through Christmas Eve or Christmas Day as the star did not stop shining when Jesus was born.  The Magi weren't there yet. They didn't arrive until later. 

Star ornaments can be found everywhere online but if you want to see my little collection check my Christmas Craft Pinterest Board. You can also find paper mache stars to decorate at Hobby Lobby or wooden stars to decorate at Factory Direct Craft.

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