Tuesday, July 16, 2013

LEADERSHIP: Easy Event Planning Form

I was meeting with a pastor in my circuit last week and he explained that his small church was having a little confusion when people were having/hosting events in the church. The board of directors was concerned about liability and the communication with the church office was inconsistent so we sat down and hammered out an EVENT PLANNING form that I thought I might share. It is electronic and can be put on the church website or emailed and submitted to the church administrator electronically. It can also be printed and turned into a paper form if that's more convenient.  It's a simple Google Doc form and the details will be added to a spreadsheet which will keep track of all the congregational events. It will make a nice archive for recurring events.

You never know when an emergency will strike so I recommend that everyone who is in charge of a group, board, or committee that would host an event should be given an IN CASE OF EMERGENCY information sheet which includes church contact information (name, address, phone number), evacuation map(s), information about where First Aid supplies (defibrillator) are kept, and the phone number of the people to contact for building and/or liability issues. If there are a number of entrances please have them listed in a way that they can be easily distinguished by emergency responders.

A packet containing this information should also be available outside the church office either attached to a bulletin board or in a simple folder holder.

Check it out!

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