Monday, March 11, 2013

LEADERSHIP: Spiritual Gifts Inventory?

Wow!  I just saw a Spiritual Gifts Inventory that was 31 pages long. 31 PAGES LONG!!  Now that's a serious inventory.  I can appreciate people buying into those kinds of things but I'll be honest with you... I don't want to fill out anywhere near 30 pages of forms for anything.  I think after something like that you should at least have a new house or a major degree.  Ministry and serving in the church can be simple and I recommend my very simple three-step approach:

  • First, list the ministries already in your congregation and make sure everyone knows that they are welcome to join any one of them.  
  • Second, make sure they know any new ideas will not be discouraged.  If somebody wants to serve in an area nobody thought of, unless it costs too much money (and sometimes that's any money), or nobody wants to lead it, the answer should be a resounding "YES! You can do that! Give it a try!"
  • Third, ask a few questions:
    • What do you like to do? 
    • What have you done before?  Do you want to do it again?
    • Would you like to try something new, and if so, what?

Many people will disagree with me but personally I don't think spiritual gift inventories are necessary.  Just because somebody is good at something doesn't mean that's what they want to volunteer to do at church but maybe they do. You have to ask to find out.  My gift is teaching but I do that all day long.  At church I want to play the bells!  People know what they're good at and what they enjoy and they just want to be a part of the congregation in an area in which they feel welcome, appreciated, and can find a little joy.  They want to feel like a part of the group.  It sure doesn't take 31 pages to do that.

We will find a place for you to serve!

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