Saturday, March 9, 2013

EDUCATION: Jelly Telly for Kids and Parents

Ever heard of the Jelly Telly club? is an online destination for families, developed in a partnership between Focus on the Family and the creator of Veggie Tales, Phil Vischer.  Check out Phil's description and vision by looking at this video!  For $5 a month you receive access to the largest selection of Christian family programming anywhere, anytime.  It includes a blog (the most recent entry was a review of the movie Wreck it Ralph), activities such as coloring pages and craft ideas, a list of videos by topic, and if you become a member there is an exclusive weekly downloadable family guide and activity pack that includes guided prayers, memory verses, etc.

You can choose videos yourself or run the daily player which is a compilation of videos for 60 minutes of safe, ad-free, positive, online Christian entertainment for kids (and families) to laugh and learn.  There are easy to play online games and great video series such as The Parables, The Bed Bug Bible Gang, and What's in the Bible? with Buck Denver.  

Here's a sample from Phil and What's in the Bible?

 Check it out and have parents in your congregation check it out too!

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