Tuesday, December 4, 2012

CONFIRMATION: Memorizing Books of the Bible

I was talking to pastors recently about teaching confirmation and while it appears that most confirmation programs include memorizing the books of the Bible, they're not exactly a fun thing to memorize so here are a few options.

Sometimes having a picture helps so I created a bookshelf worksheet to help the kids who learn better visually organize them in their minds

I also created a set of Books of the Bible cards.  The cards are simple but can be used to help kids put the books in order if they learn better by doing.  Be sure to print them off on good card stock if you want them to last.

There are also a number of songs I found on YouTube that may help those that are auditory learners.  This first one has a nice, easy to remember tune.

This one is professionally done by the group GO FISH but it may be a little harder to remember the tune.

There are about 20 different versions on YouTube so if these don't tickle your fancy do a search and find something that fits your taste a little better.  Sing away!!

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