The Art of Teaching Confirmation

This book shares the secrets of secondary education with confirmation educators -- both lay and clergy. Maya Angelou said, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” In light of what we have learned through research about how children learn, and educational policy and practice it is time now to do better by taking that information and applying it to confirmation.

By changing just a few things about how they teach, confirmation educators can bring about a more significant understanding of the Bible and their faith for adolescents and with the help of the Spirit, a more meaningful personal relationship with God and His Son, Jesus Christ. The purpose of this book is to provide insight as to how to help adolescents interact with the information in a more meaningful way at their developmental level.

The Art of Teaching Confirmation RESOURCES 

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This book takes the teaching information from The Art of Teaching Confirmation and turns it into usable resources for any confirmation educator. All the learning activities in this book, from the warm-ups, notes, supplemental activities, and cool-downs are designed for each teacher to get their students thinking about what they believe and why they believe it. The book includes helpful information pastors or other educators can use to prepare parents, helpful administrative tools, and other tips as well as answers for each learning activity. It's a bound 8.5"x11" format so everything is in one place. Papers won't get lost or out of order and educators can write notes about each lesson for following classes. Want to get your confirmation classes to think about their faith? Use these resources and tips to have the best year teaching and know that they get it! See below for a reproducible PDF student workbook. 

The Art of Teaching Confirmation STUDENT WORKBOOK.

This is a reproducible PDF file that can be photocopied for each student and easily put in a 3-ring binder or with another method.

This workbook contains blank worksheets for each learning activity that needs one where you choose to have students do warm-ups, take notes, or do other learning activities. Choose the activities you want your students to participate in and add it to their binder. Everyone is ready to go! 

One activity in the first unit is to talk about the Six Chief Parts of Christian doctrine. The cover shown is an adapted form of Luther's rose to have a petal for all six parts of the doctrine. In this activity students draw a picture that helps them remember each of the six parts. 

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The form mentioned in the book, The Art of Teaching the Faith and on my podcast can be found here: Children's Message Form

Bloom's Revised Taxonomy - use it to help write goals and create good questions!
Bloom's Question Stems for Confirmation - use it to help create good questions!

The resources below go along with The Art of Teaching Confirmation RESOURCES book available on Amazon.

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