The most useful resource I have is The Art of Teaching Confirmation! A great book I wrote that is NOT a curriculum. It's a guide to teaching and it's full of useful and practical information and resources. Unfortunately it's not free. See the books page.


I thought it would be easiest for people if I put all the confirmation forms available here.  If you click on the resource it'll take you to my Google Drive where you can download the documents. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have about using these forms. Jesus would not have told us to teach if he didn't think it was important. Let us teach them well!


Bloom's Revised Taxonomy of Verbs - To help with creating goals, assessments, and significant questions.

Books of the Bible Cards - A hands-on method of putting the books of the Bible in order.

Books of the Bible Fill-in Worksheet - A visual aid for students to organize the books of the Bible.

Catechism Scavenger Hunt - A simple worksheet activity to help students get to know their catechism.

Lesson Plan Form - Planning ahead is vital to a successful lesson to help you organize your goals, assessments, and learning activities. For more information on the benefit of using this form see the chapter on planning a lesson in The Art of Teaching Confirmation.

Middle School Developmental Issues Information Sheet - To help you understand your students better.

Reading Guide Sample - To help students understand their reading.

Reflective Essay Requirements - To help students write a paper confessing their beliefs.

Significant Question Examples - To help question students at a deeper level.

How Parents Can Help - To hand out to parents so they know they are a valuable part of the team!

Confirmation Progress - To help you keep track of student progress, attendance, memory, etc. Use checkmarks for completion or plus, check, minus to help yourself monitor effort.

70 Most Important Events in the Bible - From a link on the LCMS website.

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