Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The Art of Teaching Confirmation RESOURCES

Resources to go with
The Art of Teaching Confirmation 
will be out this summer!! 

Resources go with Luther's Small Catechism (CPH, 2017) and are NOT A CURRICULUM. They are downloadable and are intended to enhance whatever curriculum you have created or purchased so that students  interact with the information in a meaningful way. Some of the resources are: 

Student Workbook
Workbooks can be printed/copied and put in binders or bound as desired. Teachers can choose which resources they want to use and print only those for each student workbook.

  • Graphic organizers for note-taking including discussion questions.
  • All chosen worksheets
Leader's Manual
Each manual includes helpful administrative information and forms, Each of the 6 chief parts includes note-taking pages and a variety of other resources:
  • Administrative forms such as student info cards, progress checklists, a progress report form, and two lesson plan forms.
  • Information about the purpose of memorizing scripture and how it can be successful, parent participation, classroom tips, and more.
  • Memory work forms, progress checklist, and how to do memory challenges. 
  • Graphic organizers for note-giving including discussion questions.
  • Table Talk - questions to get students talking about each topic at the beginning of class.
  • Discussion question cards 
  • Notes quizzes 
  • Family discussion questions
  • Two Sermon Connection forms
  • Scenarios for students to discuss real life isues. 
  • Final Project ideas, directions, and samples, including essay outlines if that's the chosen project. 
If you're interested in seeing a sample, use the form below and I'll send them in as soon as they are available:

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