Friday, August 26, 2016

EDUCATION: Luther's Prayers Bookmarks!

500 YEARS of Luther!

As I was reading the Bible the other night and started to get sleepy, I wanted to pray Luther's Evening Prayer. We said his morning prayer in my classroom every morning, and it's similar to the evening prayer, but I'm getting old and kept getting the morning and evening words mixed up. I wondered if I might find a bookmark that had it printed on it that I could keep it in my Bible so this didn't happen again, Sure enough, I couldn't find one anywhere! So, what did I do? I designed a few. Unfortunately I can't give them away, but I want to make them available to you all because I think there are a number of ways they might be used:
  • Rally Sunday gifts for education or the whole congregation
  • Sunday School rewards
  • Confirmation gift
  • New member gift
  • Make them available at the information desk or kiosk
You can see the designs below.

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