Tuesday, March 15, 2016

YOUTH: A Few Fun Night Games!

It's getting to the point where we'll be having the kids run around outside again. Here are a couple of fun night activities I stumbled upon.

Hide and Seek /Tapping Sticks
Choose 4 or 5 people to hide somewhere outside. It helps if there are trees around. Every minute or two s/he taps two sticks together to draw attention to themselves so they can be found. (Don't tap a stick on a tree trunk. It's not good for the tree.)

Capture the Glow-in-the-Dark Flag
Use large glow sticks (two different colors) for the flags.

Firefly Tag
For maximum effect, this game should be played with a small pocket torch so that the beam is not too easy to spot. One person is selected to be the firefly and hides outside in the dark, away from the rest of the players. After counting to 20 everyone goes in search of the firefly, who is constantly moving around from hiding spot to hiding spot. Every 60 seconds, the firefly must quickly flick her flashlight on and off. When she is caught the game is over and a new firefly is appointed. Add extra excitement to the game by giving all players a flashlight to flick on and off, but cover the firefly’s light with a layer of coloured cellophane. There will be lots of beautiful twinkling lights, but the trick will be to find the coloured light of the daring firefly before anyone else.

This game is better played at dusk when you can still see each other. One person is it and everyone goes off to hide. “It” counts to 50 and then goes and tries to find the hiding kids. The hiding kids can move spots as they sneak away from the person who’s “it”. If “it” finds someone he calls out their name. The person who’s name was called has to follow the person who’s “it”. While they are walking around looking for other kids, if the person who following “it” secretly gets waved to by another hiding child, they can sneak away from the person who’s “it” and go and hide again. Once someone’s name is called 3 times, they are “it” and the game continues.

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