Sunday, July 27, 2014


As you all know, I have a bit of a passion for improving how we educate in the church and especially for confirmation; so much so that I wrote a book about it! The book, The Art of Teaching Confirmation can be found on Amazon. It can best be described by those who have reviewed it so elegantly that I cannot help but repeatedly use their words. 
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“If there is one task in the church which causes consternation among pastors, students and parents, it is confirmation. Pastors, according to St. Paul, are supposed to be apt to teach (1 Tim 3:2). But the art of teaching confirmation is one learned through experience, through trial and error. Pastors are well-trained in theology, but they may be less knowledgeable about the many areas which surround that necessary teaching task. Laura Langhoff brings to the topic insight to the pitfalls, joys and opportunities found in the experience of teaching the foundations of the Christian faith especially to the young student. With almost thirty years of experience with youth and teaching, Langhoff takes on the First Article issues of delivering the faith to students of a certain age. The topics of development, assessment, learning techniques, homework, expectations and strategies are articulated and approached with expertise so that Christ Jesus is clearly taught and the Christian faith is heard, read, marked, learned, and inwardly digested. Pastors, whether new or well-seasoned, will not be disappointed by Ms. Langhoff’s teaching gift to them.  A good read it is and will challenge pastors to reevaluate their own teaching approaches and sharpen their skills and knowledge.”
– Pastor Shawn L. Kumm, Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Laramie, Wyoming 
"Laura does something that should have happened years ago - in an accessible and useful way - talks education psychology in regard to Confirmation instruction, in real world language. It's absolutely necessary that a variety of audiences pick this book up to hone skills, review concepts and theories, and be encouraged in a vital task of the Church - teaching the faith. So, Pastors, DCEs, other Ministers of the Gospel, and lay teachers, check this out today!"
– Matt Harwell, DCE, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Glencoe, Minnesota

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