Tuesday, January 21, 2014

HS YOUTH: Having a Super Bowl Party?

God really doesn't care who wins the Super Bowl and I don't have any Super Bowl Bible studies but I know a number of youth groups that will get together to watch the Denver Broncos win in a couple of weeks so I put together a few things that might help. Even a Super Bowl party can have a short devotion and anytime you get together with a group of Christians for fellowship you should pray, thanking God for each other and the opportunity to get together. Teenagers who live in Colorado or Washington will probably watch the game but for the most part it's just a good way to have fellowship with one another and develop relationships.

Most of the time when teenagers get together at church it involves planned activities of some kind and not sitting in front of a TV so try introducing some Super Bowl Party Games like these:
  1. Super Bowl Bingo (printable)
  2. Super Bowl Smackdown - Who will be the first to... (printable)
  3. Super Bowl Props - Who will... or What will... betting sheet (printable)
  4. Super Bowl Trivia - includes answers (printable)
  5. Trivia website - Kidzworld
  6. Fox Sports Fun Facts about Super Bowl Sunday - need computer to view
  7. Super Bowl Fun Trivia - online questions
Be sure to have a bunch of crazy prizes for the winners. The best prizes are the crazy prizes you can get at any dollar store. The funnier you make the prizes the more fun the kids will have!

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