Saturday, August 31, 2013

EDUCATION: Maps and more maps!

I wish I knew the regions in which the events of the Bible took place better. I have no picture in my head of where people lived, traveled, etc. and I think it would make it more real for me.

Just showing a map for a few moments does not create a memory of it. The only way to make these areas real to kids is to give them enough interaction with maps that they can create pictures of the areas in their minds. The easiest way to have the kids interact with them is to give them blank maps, let them label and color appropriate areas (tell them which colors to use where or you'll get some crazy looking maps).  To assess them project the blank map on whiteboard and let the kids use white board markers to label it.  They love writing on the white board!  The key then is to make sure they have to look at them over and over again so you'll need to refer to them as you teach.  When you talk about events happening in the Bible be SURE to have them grab their map to see where the event is taking place.

CBMS-01 - Complete Bible Map System CD-Rom
Scripture Truth Book Co.
Another option is to have them complete their map and then put it in a page protector/plastic sleeve. Those can be written on and erased over and over again with overhead markers or white board markers. (FYI - It is more difficult to erase white board markets on non-glare page protectors.) When you discuss a new area or city have the kids take their map out and write the event on the map next to the city name.

Try these resources for maps.  I tried to find some blank ones but I couldn't find any so you might have to print one and use a bottle of White-Out on it.

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