Wednesday, July 11, 2012

RALLY SUNDAY: Carnival of Ministries!

On the kickoff Sunday in the fall when many churches begin their education year, make it a day to have a bit of a carnival of ministries.  Take the Sunday School hour to invite EVERYONE to participate in the life of the congregation.  We're all in this together and we need you!

  • have a short (and funny) skit to introduce the board members and the adult leadership so people know who leads what ministry.
  • take a survey of how they would like to participate or what they always wanted to try.
  • introduce seasonal Family Fun Nights (examples might be autumn pumpkin carving, winter cookie swap and snow games, spring bird feeders and campfire cookout, summer backyard water games)
  • introduce Bible study options

  • have a puppet show or skit to introduce kids to people they should know at church.
  • give the 3rd graders their very own Bible.
  • introduce the Sunday School theme of the year and have related activities.  For example a possible theme is Bible Investigators, Inc. and activities might be having mug shots taken (photo of kids on a decorated paper plate frame), a short investigation (Bible scavenger hunt), giant puzzle clues that are put together on the wall to unveil a theme verse.

If you have a theme for which you need ideas, let me know.  My brain works really well like that.

Remember that enthusiasm is contagious!!

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