Saturday, January 11, 2014

HS YOUTH: Remove the cloak of shame and DARE GREATLY

I enjoy creating curriculum for teenagers. Working in public schools I see their struggle growing up in a society that 1) opposes Christianity and 2) constantly sends them conflicting and negative messages about who they should be. Society (or the media) tells women they should be able to do it all, do it perfectly, and do it with a smile while wearing sexy clothes. Society (or the media) tells men they should never be weak, have control over their emotions, and focus on being professionally successful. The problem is that SHAME in not doing those things or being those people is an epidemic in our society and it is not limited to non-Christians. One of the dangerous messages surrounds shame and vulnerability. The devil uses this to keep us quiet about who we are and what we believe. His use of shame keeps us from being content in the love of Christ.

I like making young people think and they need to think about how they can remove the cloak of shame the devil has covered them in, step out and DARE GREATLY as young Christians to do whatever it is they feel lead by God to do. Check out the video below and the Bible study I wrote to go with it:  Christians can Dare Greatly.

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