Friday, April 5, 2013

CONFIRMATION: What? A confirmation website?

About a week ago I posted about using Google Sites.  They are great sites and can be used for many different things but can be complicated to use for some people.  There are a number of free teacher websites available and I chose one to create a confirmation site to show you how it could be used.

I chose Weebly to create my sample confirmation class website. It's not just a blog but can contain a blog, a method for kids to send sermon responses, embed Google calendars, add a list of links and/or downloads, and many other pretty cool options.  Check out the example site I created to show you how cool it can be to have an education site like this one.  It's called:

If you have multiple classes you can create multiple sites per teacher. It's simple to use and a few good tutorials can be found on YouTube:

Weebly Basics Tutorial Part 1

Weebly Basics Tutorial Part 2

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