Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ACTIVITY: The Reachout Quest

This is an idea to help people feel more comfortable being open about their faith.  It can be done for outreach or just as something fun for kids.  I call the activity THE REACHOUT QUEST.

The idea of the challenge is to have teams of participants find or do things all week (or it can be one long day) before they show up in church to see who completes the quest.  I would make the last thing on the list to bring AT LEAST one person who has never been to church to the final event. 


Every day for a week (or every hour of a day) text and/or email the things teams need to do or find to complete the quest.  It's one of those things where you'll need to tailor it to your group and/or community, especially if you're doing it with families.  Examples of what needs to be done might be:
  • Visit 3 churches of a different denomination from yours and bring back a piece of literature from them that tells what they believe.  (This may NOT be done online.)
  • Find the locations of all the universities and seminaries in the Concordia University system.
  • Ask 5 friends who don't go to church what they believe about God/Jesus.  (Names and answers required.)
  • Use sidewalk chalk to write a Bible verse in front of 3 PUBLIC buildings.  Take pictures of it.
  • Tell 5 people at a mall what you believe about Jesus.  (You must have video or written proof.)
  • Find out what translation of the Bible we use at our church.  Find 3 other translations.  How is the verse Romans 1:16 translated in each?
  • Find and take pictures of a team member with 5 different Christian symbols in the mall.
  • Take a picture of a team member holding 3 different Bibles in a secular book store.
  • Use the internet to find the name of 5 men who participated in the Reformation.
  • Ask your pastor why he became a pastor.
  • Bring at least one person who has never been to church to the final event.


The wrap-up should be about what everybody learned and there should be enough time to allow every team to share.  Make sure your questions are about what the teams learned that they didn't know before, if there is anything that made them curious to know more, how they felt about sharing their faith, how they felt about inviting somebody to church, if there is anything they'd like to know more about, and if they have other ideas.  My big question regarding kids sharing their faith is making sure they can verbalize what they believe.  This could lead into a great Bible study to have the kids answer the question, "If a friend was having a hard time and asked you what you believe about God and Jesus, what would you say?"  After you answer that one their follow up might be, "Why do you believe that?"  Be prepared!

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